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Online job booking requests

We're super excited to inform you that we are not far away from releasing our online job booking requests (online web link to book jobs). You can provide your customers who book TTM jobs with your team, or even quote requests, with an online link which opens the booking request form!


Even better, once they complete the request, it lands directly in your Road Direct Web System. Both on the Calendar view showing as Pending, and also in TMP Dashboard showing as an Incoming job request. That way its super clear it’s a client request, so there is no confusion to a normal job you manually loaded into the system. From there, you can move to draft, decline or accept, which can be actioned within TMP Dashboard, and/or also in Job Status with the 3-dot menu from the calendar!


This unlocks two big time savers:

  1. No manually loading jobs directly into the system. If you prefer to provide/share the online link, we will provide to all our customers (free!) which opens the web-form for your customers to fill in. Note: you can also embed that web-link or have it connected to your own website if you wish!

  2. Real-time visibility: Knowing as soon as a job is submitted, you see it on both the Calendar as a pending job, and also the TMP Dashboard for Planners to know if it needs a TMP worked on.


We'll send an email out close to release with more information.


What it will look like when it lands in TMP Dashboard

What it looks like on the Calendar, so you know visually the job is not confirmed yet, its requested, pending your approval.

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