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We don’t need to be in the office - we can make changes as we go. This is very important as the TTM world (as we all know) is a very dynamic world and is never in the same place. We began using Road Direct (both eBoard and the OSR app) when were a small team - just a couple TTM workers. Now we have over a dozen workers and Road Direct charges per person, the cost is all put into perspective. Road Direct definitely has made my staff’s lives easier and most importantly my life easier as a company owner.

Traffic Management Services Central Otago

Taane Royce


For me it was just one seamless piece of software that took the job from conception to delivery to invoice to completion, to record keeping, to reviving it and doing the same job again, or a variation of it, and just keeping all that information all tied together.

Safe Traffic

Troy Chapman

South Island Operations Manager

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