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Integrates beautifully with our OSR Mobile App


Your Complete TTM System

Running local New Zealand businesses since 2018.
Start using Road Direct today with a free 2-month obligation-free trial.


Designed around user experience, not ease of software development.


Completing daily tasks becomes much quicker, easier and less error-prone.


Designed and tailored for TTM – get specialised tools that generic multi-industry systems can’t offer.


Flexibility of use and fully customisable - fit the system to how you do business, not the other way around.


One-stop shop - Road Direct is the hub of your operations.


NZ company – we’re local, and we know your local industry environment.

Other Key Advantages

We live and breathe TTM, we know what you need to run smoothly and with increased efficiency.

2 Month Free Trial

Our TTM system has been running many local New Zealand businesses since 2018.
Start using Road Direct today with a free 2 month trial. No Obligations.


TMP dash

$ Tracking




TMP dash


$ Tracking

TMP Dashboard

Tracking System


Field Users


- See Scheduled Jobs

- Access to TMP and Job Info
- Capture CoPTTM Onsite Records

- Record Time and Equipment

- Timesheets

Office Users


- Book Jobs and Allocate Resources

- Staff and Fleet Management
- TMP Management

- Onsite Record Management & Reporting

- Invoicing

- Timesheets

All departments and roles catered for.

Road Direct has features targeted at all aspects of your business. Everyone reaps the benefits of the system.
Workflow optimisation (tightening the screws) is achieved by removing micro-steps for all roles, and putting the relevant information front and centre at your fingertips.

Daily Snapshot.

View day-to-day information on job numbers, work hours, resource capacity, QA checks and more. Maximise resources by avoiding dips and peaks. This is the information you didn't even know you needed!

Real-time monitoring.

Keep your finger on the pulse with real-time monitoring of job tasks, On Site Records and briefings.

Job packs.

TMPs and job documentation, collated and at staff fingertips.

Total job management, anywhere you are!

Everything you need to know about your jobs, in one visual display. Book and manage job details, and assign staff and vehicles with just a few clicks. Go WARP mode for the ultimate scheduling experience!

Built for Everyone

Core Features

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