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Replaces the following Waka Kotahi (NZTA) paper-based forms:

  • Static Site Check and TSL

  • Mobile/Semi-Static Pre-start Check, Operation Record, and Site Check

  • Toolbox Safety Briefings

  • Site Audits (SCR)

  • Incident Reports

  • Vehicle Checks


No more paper getting lost. Easier to retain records. Reduces pricing costs and is environmentally friendly.

Real Time

The app works and updates in real time, meaning you always have your finger on the pulse and are aware of any potential delays or issues.

Works Offline

Record your OSRs offline and submit them when you next have reception.


Mobile App

A streamlined, industry-specific mobile app to capture Waka Kotahi (NZTA) compliant onsite records.

Integrates beautifully with  eBoard

One Time Payment

$50 (or free with eBoard)

Integrates with eBoard

Saves you time and money

Completely Mobile

Paperless System

Don't miss out on any updates

Simple Pricing, All the Features

Other Key Advantages

We live and breathe TTM, we know what you need to run smoothly and with increased efficiency.


Designed around user experience, not ease of software development.


Ability to optionally capture GPS (opt-in) and photos in addition to Waka Kotahi requirements.


Completing daily tasks becomes much quicker, easier and less error-prone.

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