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Road Direct at TARMAC 2023: Shaping Safer Roads Together

The Traffic and Road Management Action Conference (TARMAC) is more than just an annual event; it's a link where industry leaders, stakeholders, and frontline workers meet to champion the cause of road safety and efficiency. This year, TARMAC 2023 marked a significant milestone, and Road Direct was proud to be a sponsor, contributing to the dialogue on safer roads and traffic management.

One of the standout figures at TARMAC 2023 was Troy Chapman, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in Temporary Traffic Management (TTM). Serving as the conference MC, Troy's enthusiasm and deep understanding of the industry added a unique flair to the event. What sets Troy apart is not just his knowledge but his personal endorsement of Road Directs software. His presence highlighted the importance of innovative solutions in streamlining traffic and road management operations.

TARMAC conferences are all about shaping connections and fostering collaboration. At TARMAC 2023, we had the privilege of engaging with both our existing and potential customers. Witnessing their dedication to maintaining safe traffic management across New Zealand was truly inspiring. These connections are the core upon which we build partnerships, share insights, and drive collective efforts towards a safer road network.

Road Directs participation in TARMAC 2023 reflects our commitment to shaping the future of traffic and road management. Our software, championed by industry leaders like Troy Chapman, plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. The conference served as a reminder of the collective dedication, passion, and innovative spirit that drives positive change in the industry.

TARMAC 2023 was an event to remember. Together, we're making strides towards a world of safer traffic management and efficiencies.


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