Not just an APP



Road Direct is your safety system rather than just an app. If ever audited, this shows you had a system in place that links to your team on the ground to all levels of management.

  • No printing, scanning, or managing loose documentation

  • Automatic emails generated from the app for each site check for easy record keeping

  • Quality Control through the ability to monitor sites without being there. From a management/safety officer point of view this puts you in total control

  • GSP link showing site location. Can provide this information to Councils/RCA if requested

  • Real site pictures attached to each emailed report

  • Unlimited emails to send reports. No need to write names, dates, times and STMS/TC ID numbers- the APP takes care of this

  • Generic Checking form (E1.8) eliminating the need for separate forms if using Generics TMP’s

  • Tool Box briefing function (sends the notes from each tool box briefing with GPS and pictures of who attended)

  • Site handover, internally from STMS to TC or externally between two companies. This enables you to easily document through emails generated, plus check against the NZTA list to ensure they are qualified or not expired.

  • Keeps internal training up to date

Saves money through no printing costs, fuel savings by going to sites need attention first and the natural training it provides the person who prepared TMP or in charge of the job being able to see each job set up.

Have confidence that paper work isn’t being backdated in the truck before walking in to the office -  you will know if checks are completed.