Road Direct has helped many Traffic Management businesses, small to large, improve their operating efficiency and ultimately standardise workflows with a strong engine power, custom-made by Road Directs’ TTM web systems. 


We would like to share some of those stories with you below:


We don’t need to be in the office - we can make changes as we go. This is very important as the TTM world (as we all know) is a very dynamic world and is never in the same place.


We began using Road Direct (both eBoard and the OSR app) when were a small team - just a couple TTM workers. Now we have over a dozen workers and road direct charges per person, the cost is all put into perspective.


I also like when I get calls six months after a job with questions from a client, or post-event information that RCA or a client requires…I can login and there is a full electronic trail. Everything is there without hunting through boxes of paper - just with one click of a button!


It’s very useful with my staff working from home that they can go directly to a job. Everything they need to know about a job, including the TMP, safety docs, recording time, can all be done remotely.


As things change during the day (as they do with traffic management) we can add staff to that job, we can upload TMP changes on the fly, and staff have access instantly!


Another thing that makes Road Direct really straight-forward is that it is super easy for staff to use. They can access it from home and study what is happening the next day. Instead of coming into work and then finding out where they are going, they now have the advantage of looking at the TMP in the comfort of their own home and can pre-empt that information (like needing to correct speed signs and resources for the job).


Road Direct definitely has made my staff’s lives easier and most importantly my life easier as an owner of the company.  


Call me directly and I am happy chat to anyone considering this software.

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