About Us

Road Direct is a specialised software development company that solely focuses on developing smart phone applications and web-based systems for the traffic management Industry. This includes NZTA - CoPTTM mandatory safety forms like the 2 hourly checks and other forms that your STMS and TC staff are required to complete out on the road, right through to office based systems that handle everything from booking jobs, allocating resources, managing competencies and tracking chargeable resources like time and equipment ready to be invoiced out. For more details view the eBoard & OSR App pages.


The staff at Road Direct have had many years’ experience in the TTM industry, from managing work sites to in the office developing plans and managing jobs, which has given us a strategic advantage when creating our systems. Our staff are inspired to make all aspects of traffic management as streamlined and accurate as possible, with an easy flow approach to connect different user roles and the way they operate, based on their position in the company. We have a strong focus on removing all those micro steps we have to do on daily basis and letting the system manage tasks we sometimes forget when making TMPs and managing TTM resources. 


Road Direct has presented at NZTA TTM Conferences and worked closely with specialists (including accredited trainers) in the industry throughout NZ to ensure its programming is in line with the TTM industry's rules and regulations. Some of the products we have made have been in industry for over 4 years and have been recognised by providers both big and small around the country as being very efficient, while at the same time allowing them to achieve better Health & Safety accreditations like PreQual and Site Wise.


Road Direct caters for all aspects of your business using its electronic software. Our products can be used by all staff in all roles, from the workers on the ground through to those in the office and for TTM managers, ensuring high quality job planning and tracking of chargeable services that can sometimes become painstaking when using paper systems. 

Our Development Team

Daniel Stocker

IT Manager

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After graduating with a BSc majoring in Computer Science from Otago University, Daniel has worked in several industries throughout his IT career: engineering, education, health, and now temporary traffic management, and has learnt and grown with each role he's had. Daniel has spent most of his career working with a Microsoft stack and various front-end technologies, primarily Angular. His experience covers the "full-stack", from Server infrastructure, to database design and administration, to software design and development both server-side and client-side. He has also written several mobile apps, including the Road Direct OSR app.

Emma Stocker

Software Developer


After gaining a BA, Emma began her career in university administration, but decided to change paths when software development became a major interest in her life. She graduated with a DipGrad, endorsed in Computer Science from the University of Otago and began working for her own software development business, developing the initial stages of eBoard and Road Direct OSR App. She has now been employed by Road Direct Ltd to assist with further development. She has experience in Microsoft stack and front-end technologies (namely Angular), and is currently furthering her experience and knowledge in areas such as database design and full-stack development.