On Site Record app

Road Direct has is a dedicated traffic management mobile app designed to make your job easier, faster and keep day to day safety simple.

This On-Site Record App is all the NZTA forms your TC & STMS staff are required to complete on site, out on the road. The app provides a streamlined paperless system that you can use from any smart phone/tablet which then automatically sends electronic reports of each site including GPS link and site-specific pictures to your dedicated email for your 2 hourly checks, site hand overs, tool boxes and generic checking form E1.8.


As we know the Health & Safety world we live in has changed recently (Health & Safety at Work Act 2015). This innovative app provides everything from paperless records to documented evidence ensuring you have the correct systems in place without too much fuss.


Once the safety checks are completed, the app instantly sends that digital information to your selected email address(es). Having this information available to the key players in your organisation means you can immediately resolve any site concerns and quality issues plus it provides peace of mind knowing the paper work is being completed in real time.


​$50 purchased from your App Store. Use as many times as you please no ongoing costs. 

Key functions:

  • On-Site Record E1.6 electronic reporting, 2 hourly checks also the Mobile 30min checks (Mandatory as per NZTA – CoPTTM)

  • Toolbox briefings function, this is standalone (you can use these even if your work is non-traffic management related)

  • Site Condition Rating form (Audits) / RCA Incident Reports / the new NZTA Mobile 30min checks

  • Generic TMP checking process form (E1.8), used before setting up and using generic plans

  • GPS links of location once safety checks are completed, track your sites by clicking the links on each report

  • Paperless reporting (no more scanning, printing or buying paper)

  • OSR Drag and drop function, drag a day/week of all your onsite record emails into this online tool if you want a quick talley view showing checks completed

  • Site pictures, real time of your work site (track and monitor your sites remotely after receiving each report into your inbox)

  • Site summaries and overview map for each user showing location of each site on Google maps

  • Site handovers (when handing the site over to another person)

  • Vehicle Checks (completing your daily inspections and reporting on failed items, customised for TTM vehicles) 

  • Settings store name, ID details & electronic signatures, as well as auto date and time inputs saving valuable time

  • Incident Reporting form & Site Condition Rating (audit) form



Road Direct has created much more than an app, it is a health and safety system from the workers on the ground, to middle management all the way to the owner (PCBU) from a 1 man band to a large organization. 


Outside the box thinking

We have seen this app on many occasions resolve RCA (Councils/NZTA) enquiries and/or public complaints as it proves when and where you were. Additionally photos and documented records are easily accessible in your inbox and at the same time saves on paper or fuel & labour time. As a manager you can now keep that hands-on approach and see your jobs from the seat your desk while simultaneously building a solid foundation of documentation to keep in line with the new Health & Safety regulations.  


Search for “COPTTM” or ''Road Direct'' in any app store (look for the App with the green road cone Icon), or use the links below. 

Please note that some features are not available on the IOS app (layout distance tables, vehicle checks and eBoard syncing). An update to this app is currently under development to bring in line with the Android version

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