eBoard - Your Complete TTM System 

Timesheets & worked hours tracking coming soon!

Introducing a custom made, industry specific traffic management web-based system.
View all your job bookings remotely from any device, from any location.
We have covered all the essential steps from booking a job & TMP management through to recording your time and equipment used out on the road, which your invoicing team then have live access to.
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Overview & Intro Pack

This system has been specifically designed for the TTM industry and has some massive advantages when comes to planning your daily jobs. Everything is readily accessible in one place through your PC, tablet or phone from any location, as well as the efficiencies of tracking your chargeable resources and getting accurate data for invoicing without the fuss of hours spent manually deciphering messy paper work or using spread sheets and calculators, only to find you have made more errors. This system tracks all changes which ultimately lets you bill out your work faster.


No more double handling, let the system track your TMP expiry dates, quotes required and staff competencies when pairing up staff and vehicles, with automatic alerts built-in, for example if they have the correct qualification for a work site or license type to operate a vehicle.

This eBoard system enables the staff who are undertaking their job to access all the information about the job, including the TMP, from their phones or tablets. It is web-based so works on any device with a browser which can connect to the internet. 

The system also helps reduce all those micro steps. No more printing, lost paper work, trying to remember who quoted the job or locating the purchase order number you saved. TMP details are all stored in one central location so that any staff member you provide access to can view their TMP diagrams and the job details from the comfort of their home the day before the job, instead crowding around your desk. Companies using the system have seen compelling benefits when staff have access to this knowledge prior to their jobs, arriving at work pre-armed with information and knowing which signs to grab for their jobs, where they are going that day and what they are are setting up. 

The fundamental difference between the eBoard system and the On-Site Record app is that the eBoard system manages office-based documentation related to the job like the TMP and time and equipment tracking for invoicing, whereas the app is all the electronic CoPTTM forms which TTM workers need onsite.

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